images of my past

As a kid I spent hours rifling through my mothers dresser drawers. Like a magpie I examined (and coveted) the shiny bits in each drawer. Imagining myself to be the richest, most beautiful girl in the world I tried on each piece of jewelry thinking it had to be worth millions. It wasn't until many years later that I learned the diamonds were just paste and the gold was just tarnished silver plate. But I still dream about being that little magpie and, to this day, am attracted to small, shiny, bright, intriguing things.

Last week I decided to look for and collect the gems (not including the people gems) in my life. Here are some of the things I found (and put a number of them together in a collage):

  • shells and stones from my daughter's trip to Costa Rica
  • my old doll collection
  • beach glass
  • old black and white photos that I took and processed years ago while studying photography and communications at school
  • my paintbrushes
  • fridge magnet collection
  • tiny old sewing machine
  • tiny lead figures
  • wooden spool of thread
  • old tea cups
  • textures
  • paintings from my kids
  • old leather-bound books
  • a picture of my great great Aunt Hannah
  • my coloured pencils
  • a wooden giraffe
  • baby pictures
  • a painting my gf painted
I intend to collect many more...

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