photo restoration

The other day a friend of mine, Cathy, posted this picture of her sister, her mum and herself on facebook

Since I've been restoring my mom's photos I thought I'd take a stab at this and see what I could do. Here is the result....

  • I cleaned up some stray spots, applied the sharpen filter and made some colour, level, brightness and contrast adjustments

    Cathy was surprised and pleased. this is what she said about it:

    • there's an interesting story about that roll of film
    • That roll of film was from the summer of '76
    • I found it in a drawer in dad's workshop in 1991
    • took it into Japan Camera to be developed
    • the guy said they didn't even make film like that anymore
    • he was able to develop it, but that's why the pix were so discoloured
    • it was like finding a time capsule!
    • it had pix from when we left Virginia all the way across the USA...such a find!

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