Advanced image search using Google ~ Tutorial

In my earlier post, Copyright Information Roundup, I talked about using images you’ve found on Google. This is a tutorial you can use to find copyright free and creative commons images through Google. It’s not obvious how to do but once you have the steps down you’re set for finding images you can use without worrying about stealing someones image and possibly facing a Take-Down order.

Open your Google search page and click on “Images"

This page (below) will open. Type in your search word(s) (I like chickens so I typed in chickens)

After you click on the magnifying glass to the right of your entry Google will provide you with a whole bunch of images. Many of them you can’t use because of copyright. Many of them you can but you can’t tell just by looking at them if you can use them or not. In order to tell which images you can use you can sort them. To do this click on the “gear” in the right corner (circled) and then select “Advanced search” (underlined)

The advanced search dialogue box will open (it looks like this...)

Scroll down to the section called usage rights and select the best option for what you want. (The options are pretty self-explanatory so I won’t go into a detailed explanation.)

Google will then narrow down the field of options for you to choose from and your chosen option will be displayed (see underlined in the image below). If you compare this image with the one above you’ll notice different pictures are displayed. The nice thing about these images is you know you have permission to use them.

You still need to check if there are any requirements you need to follow (like giving credit to the photographer). You can find out the details by clicking on the image and going to the source. In this case the Licence information is easy to find (see where I circled). Make sure you follow the link to get the details.

When you click on a link like this you’ll get something like this (below)....which will give you details about how you can use the image. Once you’ve reviewed the licence you’re good to go. You can now download the image and carry on with your creations. Have fun and feel secure you’re doing the right thing and finding good images you’re free to use.

Give it a try next time you’re looking for images you can use without ruining your karma or possibly your bank book (if you’re caught).

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